Weekly vocal workshop with Jenny Miller 4 April 2023

Posted: February 2nd, 2023


Barefoot Opera’s tutors positively enable and support the work that singers are already engaged in, whilst offering fresh insights into the skills of classical singing and integrated movement.

Since we believe that real artistry and satisfaction in our art form is only found by engaging our whole self in the process, we work with the whole body /person in every sense.  We firmly believe that a deeper understanding of how your body and breath work in movement will significantly develop your understanding of your voice, and to this end we have been creating a unique body of work for over fifteen years with our movement specialists.

5 available

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We start with a short group warm-up, followed by a solo spot of 20 to 30 minutes duration, depending on numbers. Your own choice of repertoire is supported by a repetiteur, and the active engagement of the whole group. For these March workshops, the outstanding coach and repetiteur Satoshi Kubo will be collaborating with Jenny.Please wear comfortable clothing and expect to go barefoot. Please let us know in advance of your choice of repertoire, and bring a copy for the accompanist.

Barefoot Studio 93 Endwell Road London SE4 2NF
Tuesdays 7 March – 4 April 2023
Max 8 participants per workshop