Barefoot Opera Late-Summer Online Course

Monday 31st August – Thursday 3rd September  
2 – 4 pm 5 – 7:30 pm Daily

Classical voice training for integration

Barefoot Opera challenges us to rethink methods of training the classical voice.  We begin by stripping our voices down to basics: body, breath, movement, and sound.  We reconnect with basic human responses: laughing, sobbing, sighing – the elemental tone qualities that signal our ceaseless human interaction with our environment.

This “responsive breath”, reaction and action, is the keystone of Barefoot’s work, refining and evolving into singing and the operatic tradition.  In our online summer course this year, we bring together our expert team of professional singers, movement specialists, and coaches, and we train our participants in responsive breath work, physical theatre techniques, and somatic movement practice, connecting emotional and physical responses to classical voice training.

Our course is for advanced, serious students of voice, whether they are following a professional journey or not.

On our course expect to:

  • find exercises to balance your breath, sound, and sense of personal resonance
  • develop ways to tune into the space around you, which help you produce your optimum sound
  • find exercises to free your sense of your body in space and action (our alternative proposal for ‘postural’ work)
  • have one on-line individual spot in a masterclass with either of our coaches, and either of our voice specialists and movement trainers feeding in
  • have one on-line individual spot in a masterclass with either of our singing specialists* 
  • participate in our uniquely evolved body/voice/movement group lessons and exercises
  • participate in detailed acting classes, text work, leading to sung repertoire work
  • individual feedback and consultation

*singers will be invited to bring one piece of their own choice to work on throughout the week and will have a prior consultation on-line, mutually arranged, with a team coach, to make a recording or ‘backing track’ for each singer’s choice

The cost is £175 with an early-bird price of £160** (deliberately kept low to enable access in these very uncertain times).

 ** Closing date for bookings (paid in full):  Aug 1

Early birds to pay in full by July 15

Full refunds up to July 15, no refund thereafter

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