One day full immersion course

26 Feb 2023
10:30 – 5pm
Barefoot Studio
93 Endwell Road SE4 2NF

“A voice means this: there is a living person, throat, chest, feelings, who sends into the air this voice, different from all other voices.”
—Italo Calvino, “A King Listens”

If you are an advanced and passionate classical singer, and want to refresh your whole experience of singing, Penny Randall Davis and Jenny Miller will give you in-depth body, voice, movement and mindfulness in the warmth and safety of Barefoot Studio, London SE4.  Over many years we have been developing alongside our excellent coaches and movement specialists, a holistic approach to sound-making. Our exercises aim to free your voice and body, and de-stress the process of training.  We work with you individually, supporting whatever study you are currently engaged in.

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