Pop-Up Training

May 27th, 6-8 pm online (BST)

Breathe Move Sing:
Alexandra Baybutt and Jenny Miller will guide you through a refreshing reconnect, or a first-time connect, to our main principles guiding Barefoot Opera’s training in breath, movement and voice.

This online 2-hour participatory Zoom session will cost only £5. The low price reflects our awareness of the current complex life we are all leading, and our desire to offer on-going support and preparation for an unknown future.

Alexandra and Jenny will alternate in half-hour slots. Expect a guided self-foot massage! Expect exercises exploring your sense of weight and gravity in space and time! Expect your voice and body to explore propulsion, suspense, chromatic intervals, looped vocalisation and more.

Join us to reconnect, join us if you are new to Barefoot Opera and want to get to know us more.

“This was brilliant, good to get back to singing”

“Today I opened my throat and belly and sang. I can’t tell you how happy it has made me.”

Email responses to a short voice work-out with Jenny last week.

Find out more about the course leaders:

Tickets will be available until 4pm on the 27th May

Questions: ring Jenny on 07958182754

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