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barefoot opera

Welcome to Barefoot Opera!

We’re driven by our belief in the power of music to inspire, empower and connect.

We  staged Bloom Britannia, a new ‘people’s opera’ (composer Orlando Gough, librettist Stephen Plaice) involving professional and community singers and a collaboration with artists across musical genres last year. This year, as part of our Young Artists Tour we are producing Cenerentola.

Patron, Andrew Corbett Nolan

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Barefoot Opera challenges the notion that opera is elitist.

We produce high-quality, inclusive and accessible performances of opera,

re-working the classics, commissioning contemporary work, and engaging new audiences and participants.

Our work is guided by our aims, which are to:

*Rethink and Deconstruct: strip opera down to the basics of body, breath, movement, sound;

*Train: emerging young professionals and give them performance opportunities with BFO’s annual tours to venues in London and the South East;

*Make opera new: develop an energised, physical ensemble approach, which generates a unique way of experiencing opera;

*Reach out: widely into our local Hastings and wider regional community to bring people from different neighbourhoods, cultural groups and across generations, to sing together.


Is to bring about ‘A Town That Sings’, utilising the power of music to inspire, empower and connect.


Barefoot Opera challenges us to rethink methods of training the classical voice.

We begin by stripping our voices down to basics: body, breath, movement and sound. We reconnect with basic human responses.

This “responsive breath”, reaction and action, is the keystone of Barefoot’s training approach, refining and evolving into singing and the operatic tradition.

Alongside this responsive breath work our training incorporates physical theatre techniques and somatic movement practice.