Barefoot Opera is all about training – on many levels and in many situations. See our video below to sample our unique offer.

We offer training for singing professionals, and for members of the community with no prior experience.

If you are a young singer trying to get into the profession or into postgraduate courses, Barefoot Opera has several options for you. Equally, we can be found workshopping with amateur choirs and drama groups, as well as in schools and a range of community engagements.

You’ll find our upcoming sessions listed below.

What is special about Barefoot Opera’s integrated training?

Barefoot Opera invites you to rethink and deconstruct: to strip opera down to the basics of body, breath, movement, sound. We help you to access what you already have: the tools and resources to improve your whole experience of singing and performing. See the video below to sample our unique offer.

Our training exercises enable you to develop an energised, physical, ensemble approach-  key to facilitating the demands of contemporary directors.


Weekly workshops at the Barefoot Studio

     93 Endwell Rd London SE4 2NF

 Thursdays from Sept 29th– Nov 24


 Cost: £25 per workshop /  3 for £60 * (see below for offer details)

(Maximum 10 participants per workshop)

Barefoot Opera’s tutors positively enable and support the work that singers are already engaged in, whilst offering fresh insights into the skills of classical singing and integrated movement.

Since we believe that real artistry and satisfaction in our art form is only found by engaging our whole self in the process, we work with the whole body /person in every sense.  We firmly believe that a deeper understanding of how your body and breath work in movement will significantly develop your understanding of your voice, and to this end we have been creating a unique body of work for over fifteen years with our movement specialists.

Movement workshops

Led by movement specialists Alexandra Baybutt or Evelyn Freebury, these are a close, detailed, and precise exploration of how we move, what happens to our breath, and how that informs our work as singers and actors. 

Some workshops may be supported by one of our singing tutors.

Evelyn Freebury– What does “sing with your whole of yourself” mean to you? We will explore this question through movement experiences that clarify our self use, and help us sense what gets in the way and what is left out.  We will use this question to shed light on common functional concerns and the search for refinement of quality.

Alexandra Baybutt-An exploration of being off- balance, changing the quality of movement and getting out of your way playfully to support freer breath and trust in the body. Get comfortable with constant change, experience being in the flow and exploring your vocal potential from that space.

Vocal workshops

Over a period of twenty years, vocal tutors Jenny Miller ( also Barefoot’s artistic director ) and Penelope Randall- Davis – supported by Barefoot’s excellent music staff – have developed and refined a methodology for liberating sound and freeing expression for classical singers, based on the natural responses of our body and breath.Their distinctive but complementary styles bring out different qualities in the participating singers , and enrich each singer’s expressive palette. 

We start with a group warm-up, followed by a solo spot of 20 to 30 minutes duration, depending on numbers. Your own choice of repertoire is supported by a repetiteur, and the active engagement of the whole group. In some workshops we may have the support of a movement specialist. 

Guest coaches: to be confirmed . Please watch this space for more information.

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Please wear comfortable clothing and expect to go barefoot.

Please let us know in advance of your choice of repertoire, and bring a copy for the accompanist.

Workshop dates 

Sept 29     Penny Randall-Davis vocal workshop

Oct 6      Jenny Miller   Vocal workshop

Oct 13    Guest coach 

Oct 20     Penny Randall-Davis       Vocal workshop

Oct 27    Jenny Miller                        Vocal workshop

Nov 3       Jenny Miller                      Vocal workshop

Nov 10     Guest coach                     

Nov 17     Evelyn Freebury          Movement workshop      

Nov 24     Alexandra Baybutt     Movement workshop     ‘Surprising yourself’

*3 workshops for £60 offer- when you have booked your choices, please contact info@barefootopera.com, and you will be issued with a £15 refund

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