Barefoot Opera is all about training – on many levels and in many situations. See our video below to sample our unique offer.

We offer training for singing professionals, and for members of the community with no prior experience.

If you are a young singer trying to get into the profession or into postgraduate courses, Barefoot Opera has several options for you. Equally, we can be found workshopping with amateur choirs and drama groups, as well as in schools and a range of community engagements.

You’ll find our upcoming sessions listed below.

What is special about Barefoot Opera’s integrated training?

Barefoot Opera invites you to rethink and deconstruct: to strip opera down to the basics of body, breath, movement, sound. We help you to access what you already have: the tools and resources to improve your whole experience of singing and performing. See the video below to sample our unique offer.

Our training exercises enable you to develop an energised, physical, ensemble approach-  key to facilitating the demands of contemporary directors.

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Winter and Spring Events

Weekly vocal workshops at the Barefoot Studio
with Jenny Miller
93 Endwell Road London SE4 2NF
Tuesdays 7 March – 4 April 2023
Maximum 8 participants per workshop

Barefoot Opera’s tutors positively enable and support the work that singers are already engaged in, whilst offering fresh insights into the skills of classical singing and integrated movement.

Since we believe that real artistry and satisfaction in our art form is only found by engaging our whole self in the process, we work with the whole body /person in every sense.  We firmly believe that a deeper understanding of how your body and breath work in movement will significantly develop your understanding of your voice, and to this end we have been creating a unique body of work for over fifteen years with our movement specialists.
Vocal workshops
Over a period of twenty years, vocal tutor Jenny Miller ( also Barefoot’s artistic director ) with a consistent and dedicated team, has developed and refined a methodology for liberating sound and freeing expression for classical singers, based on the natural responses of our body and breath.This distinctive approach brings out new  qualities in the participating singers, enriching singers’ expressive palettes, whilst supporting their individual current practice. 

We start with a short group warm-up, followed by a solo spot of 20 to 30 minutes duration, depending on numbers. Your own choice of repertoire is supported by a repetiteur, and the active engagement of the whole group. For these March workshops, the outstanding coach and repetiteur Satoshi Kubo will be collaborating with Jenny.
Please wear comfortable clothing and expect to go barefoot. Please let us know in advance of your choice of repertoire, and bring a copy for the accompanist.

Workshop dates
March 7, 14 , 21, 28 and April 4
Cost: £35 per workshop

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A four day Spring course with Barefoot Opera
Thursday 20 – Sunday 23 April 2023 inclusive
Barefoot Studio, 93 Endwell Road, London SE4 2NF 
and Telegraph Hill Centre, Kitto Rd,
London SE14 5TY

Why is Barefoot Opera special?

Barefoot Opera challenges and expands methods of training the classical voice. We begin by stripping our voices down to basics: body, breath, movement and sound.  We reconnect to fundamental human responses: laughing, sighing, calling – the elemental tone qualities that signal our ongoing human interaction with our environment.
The “responsive breath”- reaction and action- is the keystone of Barefoot’s work, refining and evolving into singing and the operatic tradition. 
Barefoot offers a range of practical, accessible exercises for serious and committed students of classical singing, wherever they are on their path. Shared in a warm and supportive atmosphere by expert coaches, the high ratio of teachers to students ensures individual attention for each singer, and maximum space to digest and explore the work.
Barefoot students include younger singers planning to audition for music schools, postgraduate level voice students, music educators and professional artists

About the Course
‘Rediscover, reconnect, revitalise’ – our four-day Intensive Course in April 2023 offers a chance to reconnect with and explore all the tools you already have at your disposal as a singer and learn some new ones to complement and enhance your power of expression. 

Content of the course
The days begin with group work to differentiate and integrate body, voice and movement
Themed group workshops are then interspersed with individual slots in informal masterclasses, accompanied by our Music staff.

Examples of workshops: 

  • Rehabilitative somatic movement practice, breath and voicework to support singers re-entering the profession after interruption – for example, after Covid, childbirth, injury, or managing ongoing health conditions
  • Playful drama workshops explore how we can use text and intention in our performances as singers.
  • Audition technique workshop examines how to integrate and access our skills in a pressurised setting
  • One day will be devoted to the staging and performing of a pre-agreed operatic aria of your choice.
  • You will be invited to bring at least two other pieces of your own choice to work on during the course.

As well as the above, you can expect to:

  • Find exercises to free up your movement and its communicative power
  • Find exercises to balance your breath and sound, creating optimal personal resonance
  • Develop ways to connect to the space around you with presence and imagination 
  • Receive individual feedback and bespoke consultation


  • Jenny Miller: Voice & Drama          
  • Penelope Randall-Davis: Voice
  • Lesley Anne Sammons , Nicholas Bosworth, Laurence Panter :  Repetiteurs/Coaches
  • Alexandra  Baybutt: Movement Specialist

Student Feedback

“I think I expected to be a bit tense, but I had no idea just how tense I was until I was able to let go, and then a voice came out of me that I’d forgotten I had! I’m refreshed, energised, and inspired”

“I.. used what you shared for my teaching…in particular it opened up a whole new sound palette; v exciting.” 

“Great stuff!” “Great course!”    “It’s been a truly wonderful week.”    “The course has been a fantastic experience! Many thanks for a wonderful week”


If you are new to the organisation, please express your interest by emailing
 and we will ensure Jenny or Penny get in touch with you.
If you’re a return booker, please buy a ticket for the course on the Barefoot Opera website:

Early Bird: £200 until and including March 31st
Full price: £240

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