Our mission

Our mission is to bring a first class, fun and inspiring educational experience of music and singing to the communities of Hastings, St Leonards, Rye, Bexhill and the southeast.

Barefoot Opera challenges the notion that opera is elitist by producing high-quality, inclusive and accessible work. We rework the classics and commission contemporary productions, reaching new audiences.

Our aims

Our work is guided by our aims, which are to:

*Rethink and Deconstruct: strip opera down to the basics of body, breath, movement, sound;

*Train: emerging young professionals and give them performance opportunities with BFO’s annual tours to venues in London and the South East;

*Make opera new: develop an energised, physical ensemble approach, which generates a unique way of experiencing opera;

*Reach out: widely into our local Hastings and wider regional community to bring people from different neighbourhoods, cultural groups and across generations, to sing together.

Our vision

Is to bring about ‘A Town That Sings’, utilising the power of music to inspire, empower and connect. Bloom Britannia, our new 2021 people’s opera, involved professional and community singers and a collaboration with artists across musical genres.

Our opera RED! by Barefoot artist Lucy Mulgan opens opera to primary school children.

Our current tour of La Cenerentola includes community and schools in its’ concept with a strong environmental message.

We believe in the life-affirming, mood boosting power of singing and performing. We want to enable participants of all backgrounds, and organisations, to learn about, train their skills, and have the opportunity to take part in new, professional, inclusive, people’s operas, alongside professionals. 

Community is a hugely important part of what we do: take part and help to bring people together, building friendships and developing a sense of community by singing together and working towards a common goal.