Upcoming Events

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We are working with MSL Projects to produce an event in Hastings Town Centre, SUN SHALL RISE for the Jubilee. Please click the button below to go to the MSL Projects website and find out more.

If you are interested in participating-and ANYONE can join, please email info@barefootopera.com

Barefoot Opera is taking Red! to Hollington, The Baird and Ore Village primary schools in July 2022. It is all about bringing the joys and power of singing and drama to children who otherwise have little or no access to performing arts. We will be performing with all the schools at the Stade on 15 July at a free event, thanks to a grant from Hastings Foreshore Trust RED!

We have also applied for funding from the Arts Council for our young artists tour this autumn, in which we hope to involve the community.

We are also running a series of courses and workshops 2022

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