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9 June, 2023 - 9 June, 2023

Bathed in Gold

Friday, 9 June St John the Evangelist, St Leonards on Sea
Doors open 7:00pm
Bar available
Brahms songs and piano repertoire
Fundraising evening of music for St John the Evangelist

Jenny Miller and Francis Rayner have prepared an exquisite, golden evening of Brahm’s most loved and familiar piano intermezzi and songs, as well as a few fabulous rarities.This is a fundraiser for the St Johns, which has so generously supported Barefoot Opera activities, so do join us in both relishing great music, and supporting the work of St John the Evangelist in our local community.

Tickets: £15, free for under 15’s

27 July, 2023 - 3 September, 2023


Stage direction: Jenny Miller and Michael Spenceley 

Musical direction from the keyboard: Laurence Panter  with Lucy Mulgan on double bass, and Andrew Sparling on Clarinet.

Rossini’s delicious and charmingly comic Cenerentola, or Cinderella, is a more humanist than magic tale. 

The Prince of the fairytale realm, Ramiro, is seeking a woman “innocent and good”, and orders his court advisor, Alidoro, to disguise himself as a tramp and test out the ladies in Don Magnifico’s house.  Here we find that only Cinderella will help the poor beggar – her sisters and father are far too self centred, conceited and generally on the make to take time for a vagabond. 

It is this same Alidoro who will kit out Cinders in all the finery she needs for the ball, and help her escape before her family detect her.  She leaves behind a bracelet rather than the traditional shoe, and this bracelet will lead to her reunion with her Prince.  Meanwhile, the sisters and father have been further deceived; the Prince and his valet Dandini had swapped places, and they had spent the opera oleaginously making up to a mere servant.

In our version, we update the comedy. Cinderella’s sisters and their status-obsessed dad  trash the earth’s resources, are over-preoccupied with social media influencers,  and generally exhibit callous indifference to their environment. As the two sisters are heavily preoccupied with their roles as influencers on SM,  and their idiotic i phone messages are exposed.