Barefoot Opera Art Auction

Lot 30: A Walk in the Woods

Artist: Bernard McGuigan
Media: sandstone on wood base
Dimensions: 58 x 35 x 22 cm, 30 kgs
Estimate: £5,000 - £6,000
Date: 2016/2017

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Abstract sculpture, carved by hand from a piece of Forest of Dean sandstone mounted on a hardwood base

Artist’s links:


Instagram: bernard.mcguigan

Artist’s biography:

Bernard McGuigan is a sculptor who defies easy definition in terms of sources of influence and inspiration. His affinity with the giants of 20th century European primitivism, Modigliani, Gill & Moore, amongst others, is evident, but his work is indebted equally to the traditions of the more distant past. The spare clarity of Archaic Greek Korai and Kouroi informs his figurative compositions, together with an expressive linearity reminiscent of Romanesque historiated capitals and portals carved by the likes of Gislebertus and the Cabestany Master. His figurative sculptures nod compositionally at the works of the Renaissance sculptor, Tullio Lombardo, while his bold figurative forms invoke exotic models, like the monumental Maoi of Easter Island.

Whether figurative or abstract, McGuigan’s work, is deceptively simple. Viewed contemplatively, the appeal of each piece extends far beyond the material pleasures of sight and touch, offering the discerning viewer a sense of sacred serenity. Fashioned from the most enduring of materials these elemental works will long outlive their current owners and enrich the lives of those fortunate enough to inherit or acquire them in the future.

– July 2020

Dr Sally Dormer 
Medieval Art Historian 
Victoria & Albert Museum.

Above extract is from the recent limited edition artist’s book: “Form Surface & Mark Making: The Sculpture of Bernard McGuigan”

Critical acclaim:

  • McGuigan is an outstanding sculptor in stone. – Andrew Graham-Dixon, Art Historian & Broadcaster.
  • McGuigan is an unusually talented and gifted sculptor. – Sir Christopher Ondaatje, author, financier and philanthropist.

Selected exhibitions and collections :

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Hamptons Designer Show House, New York
Linden Hall, Deal, Kent
Jenna Burlingham  Fine Art
Rye Art Gallery
Bank of India
Forbes Foundation, New York
Aspen Corp, Bermuda
St Thomas’ Hospital, London
King Street Housing Association, Cambridge
Capitol & Provident, London

Selected print media /books:

Irish Times
Evening Standard
House and Garden
Country Life
The Pursuit of Paradise, Harper Collins
Sculptors Bible, A&C Black
Modern British Sculpture, Schiffer Books


Chilli pepper films: “Stories in Stone”

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BBC: “Guinness in the Garden”

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